Dear colleagues!

We invite you to take part in the IІI International scientific and practical internet-conference “Investigations of medicinal plants – theoretical and practical aspects” on November 26-28, 2018 in the Department of Botany of the National University of Pharmacy (Kharkiv, Ukraine).

Conference topics:

  1. The role of botany in professional and academic training of specialists for pharmaceutical sciences and practice.
  2. Biochemistry of plants.
  3. Questions of terminology and classification of plants.
  4. Search and investigation of new prospective herbs.
  5. Botanical resources evaluation.
  6. Cultivation and introduction of plants, preservation and restitution of biological diversity.
  7. Quality control of the medicinal plant raw materials, phytopreparations, biologically active supplements (BAS), perfumery and cosmetic preparations.
  8. Creating of medicines.
  9. Pharmacological study natural substances and preparations based on medicinal plants.
  10. Legal aspects of registration of pharmaceutical formulations based on plant medicinal substances.
  11. Labeling, packing, storage of medicinal plant materials.

Abstracts must be given in English, Ukrainian, or Russian language
Participation in the conference and the dissemination of submitted text in the electronic abstract book is free of charge.
The PDF-version of the abstracts will be available on a site the Department of Botany.

More information in the application – Prospect conf. (Kharkiv, Ukraine)