12.12.2019 Participation of the responsible person for the Student Scientific Society of the Botany Department, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Mykhailenko O.O. at the combined meeting of the Central Scientific Society of the NUPh, at the General Meeting of the YSC and the SSS of the NUPh.

At the first united council meeting, Prof. Zagayko A.L. presented the results of the work of scientific youth, as well as spoke about the creation of new units in NUPh – the Central Scientific Council and the Scientific Institute of Applied Pharmacy. In addition, the meeting re-elected the chairman of the Young Scientists Council and the chairman of the Student Scientific Society. The following candidates were approved: I. Surikova and Nemirovsky S., respectively. Prof. Zagayko AL the high level of the All-Ukrainian Botany Olympiad was noted.