12.12.2019. A scientific-practical inter-departmental seminar was held, which was attended by 30 scientists and teachers from three departments NUPh- Botany, Factory technology and Pharmacognosy. Seminar topic: “Issues of development and standardization of herbal medicines”.

Three reports were presented at the seminar:

  1. Khalavka M., Ph.D., Ass. Department of FT “Prospects for the use of pectins in pharmaceutical technology” (Supervisor: Doctor of Pharmacy, Professor O.A. Ruban)
  2. Krechun A., PhD student, Department of Pharmacognosy “Methods for identification and quantitative determination of xanthone glycoside mangiferin in herbal raw materials” (supervisors: Ph.D. Mykhailenko O.O., Doctor of Pharmacy, Professor Kovalev V.M.)
  3. Kotov S., PhD student, Department of Botany “Prerequisites for the development of herbal remedies of desensitizing action” (Head: Doctor of Pharmacy, Professor Gontova T.M.).