9Tests items expiains for preparing for license examination KROK-1 “Pharmacy (BOTANY) / [Gontova T. N., Kriukova Ya. S., Gaponenko V. P., Mastaler V. V., Mala O. S.]; undr the editorship of Kriukova Ya. S. – K. : NUPh. 2016. – 88 p.

The textbook represents the tasks from the bank of tests Krok 1 “Pharmasy”. The bank was created by the Testing Center of MEH of Ukraine during 2002-2015. The short explantions are pravided to the right answers with illustrations in the textbook. The tests consist of the basis of the only one right answer.

Edition purpase: to acquaint students of 2-4 courses with the tests which are used for the current, total contral and licence examination; to prepare students of 4 courses for license examination “Krok-1”; to help students of 2 and 4 courses with mastering of the pragram material of the discipline” Pharmaceutical botany”