Masters, PhD students, doctoral students of the Department of Botany


Doctoral dissertations:

  • Assistant Mikhaylenko O.O. PhD, “Pharmacognostic study of some members of the Iridaceae family and the creation of promising antimicrobial, anabolic and adaptogenic substances” (scientific consultant – prof. S. Kovalev V.);
  • Associate Professor Proskurina K. I., PhD, “Scientific and theoretical substantiation and standardization of the spectrophotometric method for the absorption index in pharmaceutical analysis” (scientific consultant – prof. O. Evtifeeva).

PhD thesis:

  • Yaremenko M.S. “Pharmacognostic study of rhizomes and leaves of calamus vulgaris and the production of substances of various biological effects” (supervisor – Prof. Gontovaya TM);
  • Hordiei K.R. “Pharmacognostic study of the feverfew herb and creation of medicines based on it” (supervisor – Prof. Gontovaya TM).
  • Taller O.Yu. “Pharmacognostic study of evergreen species of the genus Rododendron” (supervisor – Prof. Gontova TM).
  • Kotov S.A. “Analytical support of pharmaceutical development of herbal desensitizing agent” (supervisor – Prof. Gontova TM).
  • Krechun AV “Study of biologically active compounds of Iris aphylla and development of substances based on them” (supervisor Ph.D. Mikhailenko OO)


PhD thesis:

Graduate works:

Defended in 2017:

  • Priestenska A.V. 4 year, 1 group of SSO “Pharmacognostic research buds and leaves of Pinus silvestris” (supervisors: prof. Gontova T.M., prof. Il’ina T.V.).
  • Shevchenko Ye.O. 4th year, 1st group of SSO “Pharmacognostic research of the yellow rhododendron and rhododendron sychotinsky leaves ” (supervisors: assoc. prof. Gaponenko V.P., prof. Kovalova A.M.).