6.11.-11.11.2018 Participation in ІХ International Pharmaceutical Conference «Science and Practice 2018», Lithuania

Delegation of 19 teachers and young scientists of the National University of Pharmacy participated in ІХ international pharmaceutical conference «Science and practice 2018» (Kaunas, Lithuania, 6.11.2018 – 11.11.2018).

The conference venue: Kaunas, Lithuania, The Lithuanian University of Health Sciences.

The topic of meeting.

  1. Participation of members of the Botany department in ІХ international pharmaceutical conference «Science and practice 2018» (Kaunas, Lithuania).
  2. Presentation of scientific achievements of the botany department and exchange of experience about modern approaches for conducting of scientific researches.
  3. Establishing contacts with Lithuanian specialists for conducting of common scientific projects and researches.

Data presented (botany department):

  1. Analysis of hydroxycinnamic acids content of the feverfew herb depending on the place of cultivation (Karyna Hordiei)
  2. Perspective for using Acorus calamus leaves in medicine (Maksym Yaremenko).
  3. Development of a procedure for identification of elecampane sesquiterpene lactones by TLC method (Semen Kotov)

Employees and scientists of the department participated in the work of a round table and in specific scientific groups. Prospects of common scientific projects and researches were discussed.