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ГОНТОВА Тетяна Миколаївна

Head of the department

Gontova Tetiana Mickolayevna
Doctor of Pharmacy, Professor


The Department of Botany at the National  University of Pharmacy, a well-known in Ukraine and abroad of the leading institution of pharmaceutical education and science, was founded in 1921, has a long-term pedagogical and research achievement. It is approved as a supporting discipline “Pharmaceutical Botany” and “Medical Botany” for one-course courses of medical institutions of Ukraine (Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine No. 352 dated November 27, 1998). In 2020, the department developed two new disciplines of choice for future specialists in veterinary medicine, “Medicinal and poisonous plants” and “Veterinary pharmaceutical botany”. The department coordinates educational and methodological activities, improvement of curricula and programs, provides advisory assistance, promotes the improvement of pedagogical skills and the professional level of teachers, provides an exchange of teaching experience, organization and methodological support of the educational process, introduction of modern technologies, effective forms of control, etc.

At this time in her personnel there are 2 doctor of pharmacy, professor, 12 candidates of pharmaceutical sciences and 1 candidate of biological sciences. Doctor and Ph.D. theses, master’s and diploma qualification work are carried out. Research results are published in leading journals, reported at national and international symposiums, congresses, conferences.

The key to the achievements of the team is the creative and practical workability of experienced and young specialists, as well as the material base of the department.

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On November 26-27, 2020 in the Department of Botany of the National University of Pharmacy was held the IV International scientific and practical internet-conference "Investigations of medicinal plants – theoretical…

Vocational seminar with preliminary examination of dissertation work of postgraduate student of the department Yaremenko M.S.

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On November 19, 2020, a specialized interdepartmental seminar dedicated to the approbation of the thesis of a PhD student of the Department of Botany Yaremenko Maxim Sergeevich on the topic…

Conducted online lectures for schools during the autumn vacations

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  З 26.10 по 30.10.2020 р. викладачами кафедри ботаніки у рамках виховної та профорієнтаційної роботи були проведені online лекції для школярів  присвячені охороні довкілля, використанню лікарських рослин, фруктів, овочів, прянощів у…

Consultation: Histological studies of plant materials

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10.17.2020. Associate Professor of the Department of Botany Filatova O.V. held a consultation on the method of histological studies of plant raw materials Lezhenina I.P. - Associate Professor of the…

30/06-03/07/2020 Schedule from Monday to Friday

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Schedule of EXAMS 22.06-26.06.2020

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22-26 / 06/2020 Schedule from Monday to Friday

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15-19 / 06/2020 Schedule from Monday to Friday

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