History of the Botany Department

History of Botany Department

professor Ya.V. Roll

History of Botany Department

associate professor L.S. Kartmazova

History of Botany Department

professor N.М. Tkachenko

History of Botany Department

professor A.G. Serbin

History of Botany Department

«Фотогербарий лекарственных растений = Photoherbarium medicinal plants» (2017 р.)

History of Botany Department

All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad in the discipline “Botany” 23.03.2019

History of Botany Department

Certificate of compliance of the distance course “Pharmaceutical Botany” with the requirements of the “Regulation on the examination of DC in NPhaU” (2018)

A course of botany was founded in KhPhI in 1921. And based on the premises of the Department of Botany, KNU V.N. Karazin.

In 1924, one room was allocated for the course in the premises of the pharmaceutical college (Moskovskaya St., 8), and in 1930 – several rooms in the educational building on Melnikova St., 12. From 1924 to 1931, the head of the department was Professor Ya.V. Roll, 1932-1936 – N.A. Desyatova-Shostenko (famous florist-taxonomist), 1945-1948 – Assoc. A.N. Demyanenko. In 1951, the Department of Botany was temporarily created (the head is Associate Professor T.I. Mikhailovskaya). From 1957 to 1960, the institute had a department of pharmacognosy with a course of botany, from 1960 to 1973, a department of pharmacognosy with the basics of plant biochemistry and a course of botany. In 1966, the head of the department was Julian Galaktionovich Borisyuk, rector of the KhPhI (1941-1942; 1944-1959).

I. Borisov headed the department of pharmacognosy with a course of botany from 1966 to 1973 – the founder of a scientific school for the study of phenolic compounds and the creation of drugs and preventive drugs based on them.

Since 1961, the head of the botany course was associate professor N.M. Tkachenko. P.N. Lyapunova – student of Yu.G. Borisyuk, a leading teacher of botany (1949-1952, 1958-1977), who serves as the head of the botany course 1969-1970. From 1969 to 1974 he was the curator of the anatomical and morphological and histochemical works carried out at the institute.

Scientific school P.N. Lyapunova: Gorodnyanskaya L.M., Kartmazova L.S., Sirenko G.T., Seraya L.M., Salo N.D., Vorobey F.N.

In 1973, Nadezhda Maksimovna defended her doctoral thesis. The Department of Botany was organized as an independent department of the Institute, which was approved by prof. N.M. Tkachenko.

In the twenties of the XIX century, the prominent algologist L.A. Shkorbatov, V.K. Zalessky –  famous scientist, physiologist and plant biochemist, corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (since 1925), honored worker of science of the USSR (since 1935) taught botany.

In the 60s, the Kharkov school of morphological and anatomical analysis of plants and medicinal plants was founded, which were actively developing, and today has certain achievements. These were recognized associate professors P.N. Lyapunova, L. Kartmazova, L. Gorodnyanskaya, L.M. Seraya, V.P. Rudenko. Since 1980, associate professors L.S. Kartmazova and L.M. Seraya (since 2012 assistant T.V. Oproshanska) teachers of botany for students of preparatory courses, hearings with students and in the person of a small school academy.

They are co-authors of programs and guidelines for students of distance learning courses. For almost 30 years, the department staff participated in entrance exams in biology. Assoc. Gorodnyanskaya L.M. For many years, she was engaged in providing the department with visual material. Mock-ups of more than 700 tables on the anatomy, morphology, and taxonomy of plants were developed, which are used today.

Anatoly Gavrilovich Serbin in 1972 – successfully defended his thesis. He worked as an assistant in the course of botany in pharmacognosy.

1979-1989 – part-time deputy dean. In 1989, he defended his doctoral thesis and was appointed head of the Department of Botany, which he headed until 2012. In 1998, the department received a supporting status. Responsible were the methodologists of the department – associate professor L.M. Seraya (1998-2012), Associate Professor V.P. Rudenko (since 2012). Annually, at the Department of Botany, meetings of heads and teachers of single-profile courses of Ukrainian universities, round tables are held.

In different years, discipline was called Botany (until 1998), later – Medical Botany, and since 2006 – Pharmaceutical Botany. During the period the department was headed by professor A.G. Serbin employees developed and created sets of training tables, herbariums of medicinal plants, tablets on the morphology of vegetative and generative organs, photo herbarium of medicinal plants, a block of educational and methodical literature for students of all specialties.

In February 2012, the Department of Botany was headed by Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Professor Tatyana Nikolaevna Gontovaya, who continued the development of the department. The classrooms, the research laboratory were repaired, the number of computers was increased. A textbook on pharmaceutical botany in English “Pharmaceutical botany” (2013), textbooks “A collection of test items with explanations and illustrations for controlling knowledge and preparing for the KROK 1 (botany) licensed exam” (2013), “Photo-herbarium” were issued medicinal plants ”(2017), Encyclopedic Dictionary of Explanations (2014).

The development of electronic versions of educational and methodological literature continues to ensure independent work of full-time and distance students. To educate students, videos were shot in Ukrainian, Russian and English.

During the existence of the department, 9 textbooks, 75 manuals, 186 methodological recommendations, 8 collections of monitoring tasks and tests, 8 dictionaries were published.

The scientific direction of the department is the morphological-anatomical and phytochemical study of medicinal plants in Ukraine and the other countries. The staff of the department defended 5 doctoral and about 20 master’s thesisis, received 25 copyright certificates and patents of Ukraine. Professor A. G. Serbin, co-authored with gray and sticky alder fruit, developed the original plant substance “Altan”, on the basis of which gastrointestinal tablets “Altan” and 2% altanic ointment, which are produced by enterprises, were created. Professor A.G. Serbin and associate professor V.P. Rudenko are co-authors of the drug “Erikan” from the Canadian Zlinka herb. Elgacin tablets undergo clinical trials, the substance “Alnicortin” and a thick extract of sticky and sulfur alder bark – preclinical studies.

Today, the department is to some extent provided with everything necessary for conducting scientific work. Phytochemical and anatomical and histochemical laboratories work. 3 doctoral, 4 candidate thesisis defended.

Much attention is paid to career guidance work, which is carried out among schoolchildren – future applicants of the schools from Kharkov, Kharkov region and other regions of Ukraine. Every year, employees of the department carry out a career-oriented visit to the Chernigov Basic Medical College. Employees of the department take an active part in competitions and exhibitions of creative works of the city and regional levels.

Starting from 2016, the Department annually holds the International Scientific and Practical Internet-Conference “Theoretical and Practical Aspects of the Study of Medicinal Plants” (2016, 2017, 2018).

On February 13, 2019, professor T.N. Gontovaya, Head of the Department of Botany, received a Certificate confirming that the distance course “Pharmaceutical Botany” meets the requirements of the “Regulation on the examination of SC at the NUPH” and is recommended for use in the educational process at a meeting of the Central Methodological Commission of the NUPH (approved at the meeting of the CMC NUPH, protocol No. 1, dated September 20, 2018).

In 2019, for the first time, the National University of Pharmacy hosted the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad in the field of Botany in two areas: pharmaceutical and biological, co-organized by the Department of Botany. The competition was attended by 52 students from 23 higher educational institutions of Ukraine. Prizes 1 and 2 degrees were received by members of the Student Scientific Society of the Department of Botany. Professor Gontovaya T.N. awarded the Certificate of Honor for his contribution to maintaining the high rating of the National University of Pharmacy, the organization of All-Ukrainian student olympiads and on the occasion of Science Day! Continuing work in this direction, on February 13-14, 2020, the staff of the Department of Botany took part in organizing and conducting the II All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad in the discipline “Botany”.

Employees of the department are actively involved in organizing events at various levels headed by prof. Gontovaya T.N. and were members of the organizing committees for the preparation of the VIII National Congress of Pharmacists of Ukraine (2016), for the organization of the 20th anniversary of the Day of the Pharmaceutical Worker of Ukraine (2019).

In 2020, the department developed two new disciplines of choice for future specialists in veterinary medicine, “Medicinal and poisonous plants” and “Veterinary pharmaceutical botany”.

History of Botany Department

professor M. I. Borisov

History of Botany Department

associate professor P.М. Lyapunova

History of Botany Department

associate professor Gorodnyanskaya L.M.

History of Botany Department

associate professor L.M. Seraya

History of Botany Department

“The test booklet is explained with explanations to control the knowledge and preparation for the licensed ISPK Krok 1 (botanica)” (2013)

History of Botany Department

Members of the organizing committee for the organization of the 20th anniversary of the Day of the pharmaceutical worker of Ukraine: prof. Gontova T.N., Assoc. Proskurina K.I. and asp. Gordey K.R.(20.09.2019)

The team of the Department of Botany 2018

History of Botany Department

The team of the Department of Botany 2019